Get Fitt Skin!

Skin gym @ Advanced Aesthetics is a membership-based program that will allow you to take care of your skin all year round at a fixed monthly cost.

Our skin is our body’s largest organ and is often the most neglected. Just like physical fitness, achieving optimal skin health requires dedication and regular maintenance.

Our skin’s turnover rate is on average 28 days, with not all cells in the same phase at any time. Regular treatments are required to target our new germinating cells, ensure our mid-line cells remain hydrated and protected from free radicals such as UV rays and pollution, and to exfoliate our top line cells to ensure a perfect canvas for active home care penetration. Without regular treatments, the products you use at home are not absorbed as well into the skin, which means you won’t achieve optimal results.

For a monthly membership fee, you will have access to various individually tailored treatments and services at Advanced Aesthetics that will help you reach and maintain optimal skin health. Think of us as personal trainers for your skin!



All Skin Gym Members will receive:

– Tailored treatment program based on inital skin consultation
– Birthday voucher
– Bring a friend 30m facial
– 20% off retail skin care products
– Invitations to Advanced Aesthetics events – including new product and treatment information nights
– Discounted IPL hair removal treatments


Treatment Program Options

– Facials
– Peels
– Skin Workout Treatments
– LED Light Therapy
– Laser Genesis
– IPL Skin Rejuvenation
– HydraFacial
– Fracitonal Microneedling
– Massage


Our program will be tailored to suit your individual skin needs, and will be built around your budget!