Radio frequency skin tightening is a non-surgical procedure which treats wrinkles, fat and scars on skin (usually the face and neck). This minimally-invasive procedure involves the introduction of radio frequency (heat) energy to the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin. The electric currents thus generated cause the collagen in the skin to contract and reshape, leading to tightening of the skin’s surface.

Radio frequency skin tightening is a great alternative for people with sensitive skin as it is gentler on the skin than other heat-associated treatments. Radio frequency waves are used by a number of cosmetologists and cosmetic surgeons for enhancing the skin’s elasticity. This is due to their ability to stimulate the skin’s protein fibres.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions will depend on the condition and age of your skin, as well as the area to be treated. However, in general, 3-5 sittings are needed for any results to be visible. Furthermore, in some cases, the treatment may have to be repeated a couple of times over the course of a year.

Preparing for the procedure

On the day of your initial consult, our cosmetic surgeon will brief you about the procedure. Before you come for the session, wash your face with warm water and a mild soap that suits your skin. This helps remove excess oil, dirt and cosmetics from the skin to enhance the effectiveness of the radio frequency waves.

The cosmetic surgeon will apply a numbing cream on the area to be treated. Once the cream has set in, it will be removed and an ink grid will be transferred to the target area. Before RF waves are used, a gliding gel will be applied. Once the treatment is over, our cosmetic surgeon will apply a cooling gel to the treated area to reduce discomfort.

Side Effects

Radio frequency skin tightening is largely a safe procedure with no or minimal side effects. It is normal to experience minor redness and some swelling. Most of these symptoms usually subside within 48 hours. Clients with sensitive skin are likely to experience a heating sensation during and after the procedure.

It is recommended to mist your face with cold water to minimize irritation. However, it is vital to use purified water only as impurities can alter the effects of the treatment.

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